Frank Zappa - Absolutely Free

Frank Zappa

Absolutely Free CD | 1 disks Release-datum: 9 augustus 2012 Label: Universal Barcode: 0824302383520 Genre: Rock
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  • 1: Plastic people
  • 2: The duke of prunes
  • 3: Amnesia vivace
  • 4: The duke regains his chops
  • 5: Call any vegetable
  • 6: Invocation and ritual dance of the young pumpkin
  • 7: Soft-sell conclusion
  • 8: Big leg emma
  • 9: Why don'tcha do me right?
  • 10: America drinks
  • 11: Status back baby
  • 12: Uncle bernie's farm
  • 13: Son of suzy creamcheese
  • 14: Brown shoes don't make it
  • 15: America drinks & goes home

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