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Pink Floyd

A Foot In The.. -remast- CD | 1 disks Release-datum: 3 november 2011 Label: Emi Barcode: 5099902896625 Genre: Rock
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  • 1: Hey you -remastered by james guthrie, 2011
  • 2: See emily play -remastered by james guthrie, 2011
  • 3: The happiest days of our lives -rem. by james guthrie, 2011
  • 4: Another brick in the wall p.2 -rem. by james guthrie, 2011
  • 5: Have a cigar -remastered by james guthrie, 2011
  • 6: Wish you were here -remastered by james guthrie, 2011
  • 7: Time -remastered by james guthrie, 2011
  • 8: The great gig in the sky -remastered by james guthrie, 2011
  • 9: Money -remastered by james guthrie, 2011
  • 10: Comfortably numb -remastered by james guthrie, 2011
  • 11: High hopes -remastered by james guthrie, 2011
  • 12: Learning to fly -remastered by james guthrie, 2011
  • 13: The fletcher memorial home -rem. by james guthrie, 2011
  • 14: Shine on you crazy diamond (edit)-rem. by james guthrie 2011
  • 15: Brain damage -remastered by james guthrie, 2011
  • 16: Eclipse -remastered by james guthrie, 2011

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